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THIS MAY WELL BE one of the most trying times we have ever experienced.

Most of us will probably be considered one of the "at-risk" individuals. Those of us over the age of sixty, and/or with underlying issues. You may even be over the age of eighty, as I am. 

But does "at-risk" mean we should panic? Does this mean we will catch the virus, that we are doomed? 

Not at all! What this simply means is that we should be extra-vigilant. It means we need to really take care of ourselves.

If you don't have to go out, then don't go out! Remember to take extra precautions. Wash you hands thoroughly and frequently. Sanitize all hard surfaces that you will touch. Limit visitors and ask them to wear a sturdy mask if they must visit. Be sure to take your prescribed medications and most of all: REST. PRAY!

There is nothing we can do to stop this natural disaster, but we cannot let it drive us insane. We know WHO is in charge. We know WHO holds the world in the palm of HIS hands, and we cannot be afraid. 

We must continue to live our lives in this new reality. This new normal. We have always adjusted to whatever the universe throws at us, and this is no different. 

We must pray unceasingly and always, always TRUST that God will take care of us. We must continue to BELIEVE.



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