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It seems that each day brings us a new challenge. Health, finances, family, society; the list goes on. There will always be something in our lives to worry about. The latest doctor's visit. Politics. Volcano eruptions. Icebergs melting. Tornadoes. Forest Fires. Stock fluctuations. Weather changes. COVID.

Add to these problems the fact that we are now raising someone else's children. Our grandchildren, nieces, nephews or foster children. How are we expected to get through the day? How are we supposed to get out of bed in the morning with a healthy attitude?

Now, I am not saying this lightly, believe me.

But if we can actually get out of bed in the morning we are experiencing a miracle. If our minds are relatively clear; if we can see, hear and think, we are experiencing a miracle.

When I look out of my window what do I see? I see green. I see flowers and birds flitting about. I see soft white clouds floating languidly across the sky.

Sometimes I do see rain, but that too is a miracle. We cannot live without rain any more than those flowers can.

So, while we do have to live with adversity, with ups and downs and inside outs, we still experience a miracle each morning when we rise.

Expect a miracle as you raise your adoptive child. Expect that you will be his/her blessing as each day passes.

Expect that "He that sits high and looks low" is watching and orchestrating everything!!! Everything!

What a wonderful miracle that is!!


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