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During this difficult time, it feels strange to speak of celebrating birthdays, doesn't it? With so much going on and this PANDEMIC getting more vicious, we may feel there is nothing to celebrate. But nothing could be farther from the truth! This gives us more to celebrate, don't you think?

If we have family and friends to share our "day" that is a great reason to celebrate! We must always acknowledge that GOD is in charge, and no matter what each day brings, we must hold on to that indisputable truth. Nothing can happen in this life unless HE allows it to happen, and while we don't know the final outcome of this virus, HE does! HE wants us to share our joy, to enjoy each day that we have and to be grateful always!

This will not always be our reality; the universe has a plan for our future and if we just hold on, help is on the way!

Stick to the rules, beloveds, and always wear a mask in public --- two masks to be sure with a cloth mask over paper such as N95--- practice good handwashing techniques and even as you celebrate, keep a safe distance from each other. The day will soon come when we can hug our loved ones, and while things may never be as they once were, they will be better because we will have survived this dangerous time!

So, Birthday Guys and Gals, here is wishing you a Blessed, Safe and Loving birthday!

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